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About Elene
From Humble Beginnings

Over 40 years ago, I made and decorated my first traditional three tiered Wedding fruitcake complete with sugar pillars, lacework and fondant flowers.

My cakes were humble, yet welcomed by my clients and after many orders, I decided it was time to broaden my skills so I enrolled into the Australian Cake Decorating School located in the basement of Collins Street, Melbourne.

It was a comprehensive course where I learnt many life-long cake decorating skills enabling my cakes to look more professional and artistic. The teacher was inspirational and encouraged the students to do their best. I became more passionate about my creations by employing two of the teacher’s favourite quotes:

1: “Never say it will do when you know it won’t”

2: “If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing well”

It is interesting to see how the cake industry as evolved over the years. Designs and shapes of cakes have transformed from the traditional to bold, loud, geometrical, anti-gravitational designs with no boundaries. The classic fruit cake makes up for only 5% of wedding cakes as the flavours have changed dramatically. Furthermore, decorators are catering for many varied special dietary needs. In order to keep up, I have attended many cake decorating courses and conferences to stay in touch with the modern trends.

Studio E Cakes Tawonga works extremely diligently with its clients to create beautiful cakes that taste delicious and meet the clients’ aesthetic and dietary requirements. This is confirmed by their amazement when they see and eat their cake.

21st Birthday Con Cake
Salted Caramel, Lemon & Limencello, and Coffee & Kahlua Mud Cake with hand Painted Swiss Meringue Buttercream