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Birthday Cakes and Candles

I have fond memories of one special birthday in my childhood because I received a magnificent bought-cake from the Myer Cake Hall in Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

The cake was a large Vanilla sponge filled with layers of jam and cream, which was covered with delicious chocolate ganache and the sides of the cake layered with toasted almonds. My name was piped on-top of the cake along with decorative cream rosettes and petite flowers. 

The cake was light as a feather and I felt like I was in heaven as I tasted each mouthful.  This was a far cry from our humble home-baked or packet-mix cakes.

Today, there is no limit for what people will request for their birthday cakes with elaborate designs, unusual flavour combinations and textures. My favourite, however, is a moist, rich fruitcake covered in almond and fondant icing.

I often receive requests for the good old-fashion sponge with lemon/raspberry or passionfruit cream and a simple design that looks elegant but is not too busy. Like the once famous Myer Cakes, I strive to bake delicate sponges to recreate the happiness I experienced when I received my first bought-cake.

Clients occasionally request to have their own cake iced and decorated.  Others may simply require a plaque, or a topper or just some fondant flowers. It is so rewarding to know that however unusual the request may appear, I find that working closely with the client enables their dream cake to become a happy reality for them.


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