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Specialty Cakes

Velvet Drip Birthday Cake
Easter Bunny Cake

Custom Made Specialty Cakes

One of the features of my work is creating cakes for special occasions within the community. I have been very fortunate to be invited to participate in the Bi-Annual Artisans Easter Fete for the Mt Beauty/ Tawonga Hospital and Kiewa Valley House, where the dedicated people work hard to raise funds for these very important centres in our community.

A few years ago, I invited three local children to reflect on their views of what World War I meant to them. I asked them to sketch their reflections. The girls did such an excellent job and I showed them how to transfer their sketches into edible plaques. They made hundreds of edible poppies that were used to decorate the large chocolate cakes that I baked and were served at the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the First World War Anzac Day March.

In 2016, I had the pleasure of creating the Ten Year Celebration Cake for the ‘Brave Hearts on the Murray Inc’. Great care and planning went into the design of this cake which was decorated in the shape of a Dragon Boat to honour the first group of Female Breast Cancer Survivors in the World to build their own Dragon Boat.

The cake was made to honour the brave folk that established this amazing club and I was proud to play a part in their celebration.

To learn more about the achievements of the Brave Hearts on The Murray Inc, please refer to:

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